What I’m Loving {4}

Hey friends, Happy Friday!!!

Hope y’all have had a good week! I for one am glad the weekend is upon us. We are traveling to the great state of Oklahoma this weekend to visit the best school in all the land – Oklahoma State University, naturally.  We haven’t been in almost THREE years, which is insane, so we’re taking the boys to show them what it’s all about – and since it’s a game day we know it’ll be a blast.

Here’s a little bit of what I’m loving lately:

What I'm Loving {4} | Haven Gray {the blog}

Athleta Capri Pants

I am a pretty frugal girl when it comes to clothing usually, but Arsen got me started on these and now I can’t stop! They are SO comfy and crazy flattering, and they’re also made out of super durable, nice quality fabric. I’ve got several pairs of the Chaturanga ™ Capris and I’ve been wearing these babies nonstop, even though it’s a million degrees outside. When the weather finally cools down in Texas I’m pretty sure I won’t take them off.

Bible Study

A few weeks ago I started leading a table at the Women’s Bible Study at my church, and I am LOVING it! I was a little (a lot) hesitant at first, because this is so far from something I ever thought I would be doing, but after a lot (a lot) of prayer, I knew it was the right step. And man, God has used it to bless me big time, because the girls at my table – pretty much none of us knew each other beforehand! –  feel like they were hand picked especially to be in this group together. I just love when he coordinates my life in such a fun, unexpected way!

My Little Family

I always love my boys (all three of ’em), but lately I have been pretty much obsessed with how great they all are. I feel like we’re in a bit of sweet spot right now, and we’re having a lot of really good family time. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the kids drive us absolutely bonkers a large portion of the time – especially the tiny one, he is CRAZY – but their relationship is becoming cuter, they’re easier to communicate with, and the husband and I seem to have found a good balance with this parenting thing. Kind of madly in love with the family we’ve created right now.


Or more accurately, the idea of fall. Texas usually barely gets a fall, and this year is proving to be totally predictable. It was at least 95 degrees outside today, which is horrendous when all you see everywhere are pumpkins and halloween decor and boots and sweaters. I swear I’m meant to live somewhere that gets a true four seasons – but no, somehow I’m in the hottest state on the planet. Nonetheless, I’m loving the fact that our version of fall is just around the corner, which means the holidays will be close behind. The next few months are my FAVORITE time of the year!

Alright friend of mine, tell me – what are you loving??


Must Have Closet Staples For The Mama In a Hurry

I have always loved clothes, and shopping has always been one of my favorite hobbies – which may be a little shallow, but hey, it is what it is. I’m not a super fashionable, cutting-edge dresser, but I’ve always stayed relatively on-trend and I like to look like I’ve made an effort at least. That hasn’t changed since I’ve become a mom, but the items in my closet have to a certain extent.

I get frequent comments from the moms that I hang out with about how I always look put together, and I swear it’s because I keep my closet full of basics that pair well together and I know the “look” that I like. So it’s just as easy for me to go in and grab skinny jeans and a sweater and throw on some boots and my every day jewelry as it is for me to grab sweat pants and sneakers. Don’t get me wrong, 9 times out of 10 when I’m dropping Grayson off at preschool I will be in yoga pants and a hoodie, but I try to pull together a decent “sporty” outfit even then.

So I thought I would share my absolute must-haves that I wear on a weekly basis. The main qualifier for basically anything I buy is: A) Will I comfortably be able to chase my kids around while wearing this? and B) Does it have to be dry-cleaned, ironed, or hand-washed? Because NO. So if you’re trying to move out of a mommy-slump and build a cute wardrobe that’s suitable for playdates and PTA meetings (and maybe the occasional date night), this will get you started.

Must Have Closet Staples

  • Jeans That You LOVE

Jeans are hard. I am not going to tell you what style of jeans to buy, because everyone feels good in something different. I am a skinny jean girl for the most part, but I know not everyone is. In my closet I have at least 10 pairs of jeans, but I wear the same 4-6 pairs regularly. I have dark skinnies, a medium shade skinny, black skinnies, my ripped skinnies, a ripped pair in a boyfriend style, a dark bootcut pair and a dark flared pair. Most of the time I wear the skinnies tucked into boots, but occasionally I roll them up and wear them with wedges or heels. I only bust out my bootcut or flared pairs for date nights or a girls night out, because that’s the only time I wear heels these days.

  • Boots

My husband thinks I have some kind of weird boot obsession because I’ve asked for a new pair for my birthday or Christmas every year that he’s known me. I don’t think that’s true at all, I think there are just SO MANY necessary styles to have that you can never really have too many. But the most essential to have, to me, are a flat, knee high style in either black or camel, depending on what you wear most often, and a flat ankle boot in either of those shades – and when I say flat, I just mean not a technical “heel”. Mine have a bit of a lift, because I’m 5’2″ and need all the help I can get. Anyway, those two styles will get you through just about any mom-ing situation out there. If you’re looking to expand past that, I love my tan wedge ankle boots, my black knee high boots with a maybe 3 inch heel, my (fake) Uggs, my camel colored riding boots, and my Hunter boots. I literally cannot think of a situation that you won’t be covered in with that selection.

  • Comfy Sweaters

Oh man, do I love a good sweater. Sweaters are seriously my shopping weakness. The sad thing is I live in Texas where we don’t need them for the majority of the year, but goodness do I get excited when the weather finally starts cooling down in mid-November and I can break those babies out. I like to wear mine a little bit big so that I’m truly comfy in them (no matter what I’ve eaten that day) and I typically stick to solid colors, sometimes stripes. Pair with skinny jeans and some cute boots and you’ve got a pretty good looking mom outfit going on, if I do say so myself.

I have resisted these things for so long now because they never seemed “necessary” to me, but I finally broke down and got some this past summer and I’m so glad I did. They go with so many different things, and they really are super comfortable. I got a white pair, and I’ve worn them with jeans and a tee, shorts and a button down with the sleeves rolled up, yoga pants and a hoodie…the list goes on and on. Now I get why every mom I see in my suburb is sporting them.

  • Button Down Shirts

These can be super cute and not totally Claire Dunphy (Modern Family anyone?) if done right, I swear. I can’t even tell you how many solid color or flannel button downs I have in my closet, but it’s a lot. I wear mine long and a little baggy, and I usually roll up the sleeves to about mid-forearm. I typically wear them buttoned up with skinny jeans and boots, but I have been known to wear them open with a solid tee underneath, sometimes with shorts if it’s that perfect temp where it’s not really hot or cold – which very, very rarely happens where I am.

  • Yoga Pants

This is such a stereotypical mom thing, but you’ve got to have a good yoga pant, you really do. When I’m running late and know the only place I’ll be going that day is the preschool and maybe Target, the last thing I want to do is waste a good outfit. Yes, I truly think about these things. So I have a few pairs of yoga pants that I can throw on with my Nikes and a hoodie and call it a day. They need to be thick enough that they are obviously pants – PLEASE don’t wear leggings as pants, this is a totally different thing here – and I like to wear mine tight at the ankle or mid-calf. Put on a cute hoodie and you look put together enough that you don’t have to be embarrassed to get out of the car, plus you get to basically wear pajamas all day and no one will judge you! Hooray!

  • Hoodies

I have been a hoodie girl since college at least. Nothing is more comfortable to me than a good, cozy hooded sweatshirt. And now that this whole athleisure thing is a THING (it’s such a thing, Google it girl), the hoodie selection that you have to choose from has gotten so much cuter in the last several years. I like to have a couple fitted and then a couple longer options, just so I’m covered no matter what I’m in the mood for that day. I will say, I almost never, ever wear a hoodie with jeans – I’m just not sporty enough to pull this look off. I wore one a couple weeks ago with my ripped jeans and Converse and I felt like an impostor the entire day, so you have to know what you can handle.

I am clearly no fashion blogger, but I do think I have a pretty good momiform down. I swear, once you’ve got the basics in your closet it requires very little effort to have a pulled together look in your day-to-day mom life.

So now you tell me, did I miss anything? Are there any closet staples that you just MUST have? Let me know in the comments!