Grayson & Gavin’s Top Movie Picks for Preschoolers (I’m guessing)

I know screen time is a hot topic, and some mamas try to limit their kiddos to screen time only on the weekends or maybe 30 minutes a day – and I find that super admirable. I do.

But if we’re being real, my boys watch quite a bit of TV and movies. I’m super strict with the iPad time – some days Grayson doesn’t get any at all, but if he does I typically put a pretty strict limit on it. But when it comes to the TV, we have it on quite a bit. I like the background noise honestly, and my kids aren’t really the type to get sucked in and stare at it for hours. They may sit and watch a 30 minute show here and there, but that time includes jumping around, running in circles, maybe a little wrestling, playing with toys, AND watching the show.

But I’ve noticed that if it’s the right movie, they (even Gavin!) will sit and watch most of it – all while doing the things mentioned above, of course. In fact, Daddy is big on movie nights. He goes all out, popping popcorn in his fancy popcorn maker, closing all the curtains to make it dark like a movie theater, and turning the sound up WAY louder than Mommy would like.

So since movies are pretty big for our boys, I thought I would share their very favorites with you guys, just in case you’re looking for a treat for your little ones!

Top Movie Picks for Preschoolers - Haven Gray {the blog}

Lion King

Did you know they just released this from the vault? Well, it’s been what, a month now?  – and my boys have watched it approximately 200 times. They LOVE it. Grayson loves the fight scenes (no surprise) and Gavin loves to dance to all the fun music. This is the first movie that I’ve noticed Grayson memorizing the lyrics and singing along with all the songs, which I find super adorable. There are a few things in there that I don’t love – I’ve had to explain the meaning of “cactus butt” and also tell him that we aren’t allowed to say stupid, even though they do in the movie – but that’s the case for just about anything out there, unfortunately. He’s at that age where he’s a total sponge, and wants to know what everything means, so this has introduced some interesting conversations, to say the least 😉


Y’all. Have your kids jumped on the Trolls train? I’ve seen this one more than I care to admit, but it IS super cute. Lots of fun music (thank you, Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake) and a pretty cute storyline. No matter where they are in the house, if they hear the first few notes of “Can’t Stop the Feeling” at the end of the movie, they come running.


This is more Gavin than Grayson, but I honestly think Grayson says he doesn’t like it simply because it’s Gavin’s favorite (brothers, I’m telling you). Out of every kids movie I’ve seen, this might be my favorite – and I’m honestly not totally sure why. Just like all of them, there are several cute songs, but I think I just love the storyline. I love that Moana dares to go after her dreams and follow her purpose even when it’s hard, and she meets all of the challenges she faces head on. I know, I’m too involved here, but watch a movie enough and you’ll start thinking about a deeper meaning. Orrrr I may just be a little crazy.

Life of Pets

We haven’t watched this one as much, but I think it’s making it’s way to the top of the list. They were watching it last night and Gavin was cracking up, like belly laughing harder than I’ve ever heard him. It is a pretty funny movie, and all those pets are pretty cute. Another perk is we haven’t watched it 100 times, so it’s still somewhat interesting to me at this point.

Alright, what about you? Do your kids watch movies often, or do you limit screen time pretty strictly? And what are some new favorites I can share with my boys? I’d love for you to share – you could be saving my sanity!


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